Motul Coolant Inugel Long Life 50% 5L
  • Motul Coolant Inugel Long Life 50% 5L

Motul Coolant Inugel Long Life 50% 5L


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24H-3 days

Brand: MOTUL

Organic Coolant Fluid for Engine, ready for use. Developed for all types of engines. Thanks to its organic technology, Inugel Long Life reduces the working temperature of the engine so that it maintains its full power. Protection against long-term corrosion and deposits. Excellent protection of joints and circuits.

Freezing point -37ºC. Long-lasting coolant fluid specially formulated for closed cooling circuits in all liquid-cooled engines with aluminum components. Especially recommended for severe or very severe and / or long-term services. Likewise, it is recommended for open cooling circuits. Organic Technology. Concentrated formula (down to -40°C).

Oxidation inhibitors of organic type: this is the new configuration of the formula to guarantee a better protection of the same.

High concentration: The concentration of its active components such as Monoethylene Glycol (MEG), ensures a high level of protection, both against freezing to "-37oC" and against boiling "+ 145oC". It will also reduce the appearance of the "cavitation wear" effect.

In its formulation does not intervene: phosphates, amines, nitrites, nitrates, borates, benzoates and silicates. It contains loving components to avoid accidental ingestions. Does not attack the painting.


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