Motul Fork oil 7.5w Med-Light 1L
  • Motul Fork oil 7.5w Med-Light 1L

Motul Fork oil 7.5w Med-Light 1L


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24H-3 days

Brand: MOTUL

High performance hydraulic fluid for all types of telescopic forks 100% Synthetic 4 Viscosities: VERY LIGHT - LIGHT - LIGHT / MEDIUM - MEDIUM. Hydraulic fluid for racing applications. Specially formulated for KAYABA, SHOWA, OHLINS, WP and all types of inverted or conventional telescopic forks.

Extraordinary reduction of internal friction, especially between the extension tubes and the joints thanks to the anti-friction additive specially developed by MOTUL. Great stability in its performance which allows it to maintain the qualities from the first to the last lap. Its anti-foaming properties have been particularly improved in order to avoid air transfer as well as the loss of gas from the pneumatic chamber and to maintain the characteristics of the suspension. Anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion properties. Neutral in front of joints and seals.


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