Motul C4 Chain Lube Factory Line 400ml
  • Mosul Mc Care C4 Chain Lube Factory Line 400ml

Mosul Mc Care C4 Chain Lube Factory Line 400ml


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24H-3 days

Each motorcycle part needs a specific care. Launched in 2011, Motul® MC CARE ™ line has been developed to fully maintain and take care of the motorcycle, the motorcyclist and its equipment.Product category: Chain MaintenanceMotul® MC CARE ™ C4 Chain Lube FL is a white colored lubricant for racing motorcycle chains: Speed and Endurance. Based on solid additives AW / EP.

PERFORMANCE: Based on solid additives AW/EP formulation (anti-wear and extreme pressure), MOTUL CHAIN LUBE Factory Line reduces the rolling resistance, increases transmission efficiency and keeps its lubricant properties under high temperature. Increases chain lifespan. Water and rust resistant. Protects O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings. Contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links. White colour for easier application.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Clean the chain with MOTUL CHAIN CLEAN. Shake before use. Apply to the whole length of the inner chain : easier applying thanks to the white colour of MOTUL CHAIN LUBE Factory Line. MOTUL CHAIN LUBE Factory Line adheres completely after 10 minutes of drying.


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