Motul Mc Care E8 Scratch Remover 100ml
  • Motul Mc Care E8 Scratch Remover 100ml

Motul Mc Care E8 Scratch Remover 100ml


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24H-3 days

Brand: MOTUL

Each motorcycle part needs a specific care. Launched in 2011, Motul® MC CARE ™ line has been developed to fully maintain and take care of the motorcycle, the motorcyclist and its equipment.Product category: External CareMotul® MC CARE ™ E8 Scratch Remover removes superficial scratches on any painted or varnished surfaces: motorcycle fairings, helmet, etc. Restores gloss paints and varnishes.

PERFORMANCE: Removes superficial scratches without leaving streaks. Restores the gloss on paints and varnishes. Suitable for all kind of painted or varnished materials commonly found on motorbikes: plastics, paints, metals.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Pre-clean the surface with MOTUL Moto Wash. Apply a dab of MOTUL Scratch Remover cream on a soft cloth and spread evenly throughout the scratch. Let dry a few minutes and then polish with a soft cloth in a circular motion. Use on cold surface only.

CAUTION: Do not use under direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Not suitable for matte paints.


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